Zach Wahls in the video 'Zach Wahls Speaks About Family' is a great example on how to captivate an audience with the use of speech. He holds his audience by using his voice. The variation between tone, pitch and rate make his speech more interesting and easier to stay in focus. Zach clearly stated in his speech that the gender of the parents will not define the character of their child. He explains this through his own experience of having two mums - relating the topic to his personal achievements and accomplishments, showing that it wouldn't of mattered if one of his mums was a male. The audience will remember his examples as Zach is an accomplished young-adult who states to the chairman that "if [he] was [his] son, [he] would make [him] very proud". The structure of Zach's speech was laid out well, he introduced his main point and explained his reasoning well thought out his speech using personnel examples and stories. During moments Zach wanted the audience to remember he slowed his speech and quieted his voice. Another technique he used was quickening his speech and raising the pitch of his voice to make it more dramatic. Zach being confidant in the words he was saying, used small gestures and hand movements to capture the viewers attention. There were no obvious mannerisms or signs of nervousness.